fei alexeli

               S  C  R  O  L  L     T  O       D  I  S  C  O  V  E  R 

I’m interested in things that overlap.

"Artist Fei Alexeli really made her mark on the fair with her striking collage work that radiated with the cool pinks of the American southwest, complete with scenes of palm trees and mountains. Her work often contrasts lush, picturesque landscapes with scenes of outer space and simple geometrics. Also working in illustration, she uses vibrant colours combined with bold imagery like palm leaves and red lips to create iconic compositions."

- Art Maze Magazine review

"Fei Alexeli brings a retro-visionary approach to the collage genre with space-age imagery and rose-tinted landscapes. Her use of pink softens the cold frontier of space while bringing familiar scenes to life in a parallel universe. As dreamy as they are intangible, Alexeli’s collages offer a much-needed escape to pink paradise."

- Stephanie Black for Art Zealous

Gallery Representation:

Libert Gallery, UK
Murus Art, UK
Oink Gallery , Swindon, UK
The Old Bank Vault , London, UK
Art Republic , Brighton, UK
Wychwood Art, Oxfordshire UK

Selection of past events:

_November 2019
@yngspc online exhibition “Night Garden”

_23 Oct- 3 Nov 2019
“Journèes Internationales du Collage” // Espace Monet Rollinat museum// France

_ July-August 2019
Salon Des Refuses // Margate // UK

_June 2019
Art Motion // Orchard Gallery // Manhattan, New York

_June 2019
Shortlisted for Summer Show Royal Academy of Arts // London

_ 2-5 May 2019
The Other Art Fair // Brooklyn Expo Center // New York

_April 2019
Gone Rogue Montage // Marconi Gallery // ME Hotel // London

_14-17 March 2019
The Other Art Fair // Old Truman Brewery // London

_8-11 Nov. 2018
The Other Art Fair // Brooklyn Expo Center // New York

_31Oct. - 4 Nov.2018
Superfine! The Fair // Union Market // Washington DC

_25-28 Oct. 2018
The Other Art Fair // Barker Hangar // Los Angeles

_9-12 Nov. 2017
The Other Art Fair // Brooklyn Expo Center // New York

_ 9 Nov. - 9 Dec.
Solo exhibition No Bad Days
Oink Gallery // Swindon

_27 - 29 Oct. 2017
Blisters Show // Print Club London // Mc Motors // London